World Cup Update- part 2

Amazingly, after being open for one month as an Emergency Placement Centre, we did not receive any children as a result of the World Cup. Statistically, South African authorities anticipated a huge influx of children trafficked but there were zero cases reported. So we are thankful that we did not have to see a huge influx of children devastated during this time. The World Cup was still an exciting time for our MCV family. The kids watched almost every game with sweet admiration for the beautiful game. Each house was able to go to the fan park in Nelspruit to watch their favorite teams play. We had such a great time blowing our vuvuzelas and feeling the South African pride for a job well done. Jean, Pastor Surprise, Pastor Mabila , and Pastor Dube went to an actual game in the new Nelspruit Soccer Stadium which was awesome. The theme in South Africa during the World Cup was “Feel it. It is here.” Well we felt it for sure! Praise God, the passion never has to end because Jesus is here!