World Cup Update!

A large upsurge in child trafficking and in the sex worker trade is already occurring in southern Africa, spurred by South Africa’s hosting of the Soccer World Cup in June & July. Area schools are on holiday for a month and many thousands of children –most particularly orphans – will be unsupervised and drawn to the raucous ‘Fan Parks’ in the area. Officials anticipate huge crowds at these Fan Parks -located outside the stadiums- and every sort of appetite can be satisfied there. Projections are that 40,000 extra sex workers are beginning to cross borders into South Africa this season, beyond the huge number of domestic sex workers.
What is our response? Michaels Childrens Village was approved as one of only three Emergency Placement Centers for displaced/ trafficked children in our region! We are so awed by God’s glory and grace during this exciting time for South Africa! We are so blessed to be seizing this divine opportunity and grateful for your prayers during this extremely busy season. May every child brought to MCV be quickly healed and transformed by the lavish love of God and His people.