Waiting Game…

Forgive our silence! We have been swept away with ministry and pre-baby preparations. We are in the final weeks now!!! Baby is not due till March 1st, but he or she could come any day (I am 38 weeks)…Prayerfully, Mommy and baby have an understanding that it would be best for baby to stay cozy till after the MCV board meeting (Feb 19th). We would love additional prayer now….it remains a busy time as I transition away from the daily responsibilities and delegate to our amazing staff.
Speaking of amazing staff, Cindy Mauro and Tryphina Sitehole surprised me with a precious baby shower this week. Almost all my siSwati and missionary friends were present…it was a delightful afternoon which I will always cherish!
Of course, we covet your prayers for a healthy and safe birth! We struggled with a few complications about 6 weeks ago, but God’s incredible healing power has cleared us from pre-eclampsia and gestational diabetes! At that time, the doctor was suggesting a cesarean, but due to God’s miraculous touch, he supports a try at natural! We had to compromise on the location (home birth was ruled out), so we are going to a local government hospital. Stand with us by faith, we are going to have an awesome natural birth.
We are standing on the word! My two favorite scriptures right now are:
Psalm 4:1 You have freed me when I was hemmed in and enlarged me when I was in distress.
Exodus 1:19 …we are vigorous and quickly delivered!
We promise to send out an announcement just as soon as we can!!!