Urgent prayer request!!!

Many of you have been praying with Jean and I regarding an annoying tooth ache/swelling in his left cheek. From the beginning, we have known this was a spiritual battle and so we have fought it with intense prayer. One night God gave me (Teisa) a vision of a demonic claw which was broken off and hooked in his jaw. So we took authority over it and in the spirit, yanked it out. We continued to do this with other Kingdom people joining us in prayer. But Jean continued to have the swelling and dull pain.

So we made appts for the dentist and doctor. Both our amazing Christian dentist and doctor could not find any reason for it. Our doctor recommended us seeing a specialist for Ears, nose and throat. Yesterday, Jean and I went to see ENT doctor regarding the issue. We were blessed to find this doctor was also a Christian (and blessed us like our other doctors by seeing us for free or at a discounted rate.) The doctor confirmed that Jean does have a mass/tumor. He took a biopsy in the office and ordered a CT scan (which normally costs over $1000, but we got it for $410!)

We will not know the results for another few days, but we are encouraged and rejoicing! Our hearts were so distraught over the attacked against Iris/Bakers- we are stoked to have the enemy so nervous about our lives as well. We know the enemy wants to keep us from preaching and returning to our family in Africa, so we press on for victory. Go Jesus, do your thing!!!!