Top 10 reasons we LOVE Christmas in Africa!

10) Kids sleep in!

9)   It is hot. (some days this is a mixed blessing)

8) You don’t get sick of Christmas music…. your lucky to even hear a few songs!

7) Nobody cares what you wear to the Christmas party as long as it is clean.

6) Many kids have never heard the name ‘Santa’ (like mine- Glory!)

5) You always make new friends since 5-10 people you do not know come and celebrate with you.

4) You never have issues with left-over food.

3) Children are thrilled with ONE gift.

2) Since very little energy goes into decorations, shopping, ‘keeping up with the Jones-’ everything goes into loving Him and people (especially the poor).   One enjoys the abiding beauty of ‘it is better to give than to receive.’

1) This one is global- Because our amazing Heavenly Father gave us the perfect gift- JESUS- the way, the truth, and the life! We wish you His very best this Christmas and pray He showers His presence and presents on you (peace, love, salvation, glory- shabba, shabba!)