Stopping for the one….

During the craziness of the Easter Conference, our sweet Thapelo was rushed to the local hospital with pneumonia. Due to severity of the sickness, he was admitted into the children’s ward….not the favorite place for a little boy who spent months there fighting for his life less than a year ago. As you can imagine, our little guy was not happy. Add the horrible sickness, weakened immune system, and fear and trauma from the past experiences, who could blame him for being grumpy?

Well as the visits and days went on, we saw our little Thapelo break free from the shackles of sickness/sadness and embrace happiness/healing! His breakthough released more breakthroughs! That night, the MCV papas who came to visit Thapelo boldly prayed for all the staff nurses….this lead to praying for most of the children in the ward. The next night, we prayed for all the children in the ward. Releasing heaven and healing, we were rewarded with lots of smiles, some ‘feel betters’, and Thapelo being released the next day.

Just to give this all a little context- this was one of the busiest weeks of the year for us. But in stopping for the one (Thapelo), we were able to see a multitude be touched by Jesus. Our Daddy God is sooo awesome!!!