The sounds of fun…

Have you ever thought what ‘fun’ sounds like? What a delight to hear these sounds over the past two weeks of school holiday! Indeed Michaels Children’s Village will be a little quieter this Monday when the new school tern begins.
We’ve been so blessed to have 4 amazing visitors staying with us at MCV, so there was never a shortage of activities going on… We battled with the big green Combi to take the children swimming on two very sunny afternoons, which they loved! It’s so precious watching and hearing the little ones slowly overcoming their fears of the ‘deep end’ with the help of their older brothers and sisters. Our MCV Worship Team also got a lot of intensive help from Sharne, our visitor from Western Cape. It was such a joy to hear their sweet voices worshipping our Lord. They’ve even prepared something to share with the church on Sunday. There were also craft activities, dance workshops, card games, lots of soccer, and even a marshmallow-toasting bonfire when the weather cooled down.
May our voices unite in thanksgiving to our amazing Father who showers such love on His children.