Returning to School of Urban Missions

While in California, I was privileged to return to the ministry I served for 5 years before going to Africa. School of Urban Missions has two campuses; one in New Orleans (where I served) and Oakland, CA. This was my first time being at the Oakland campus which was started 8 years ago by Chancellor George Neau. Today, it is a thriving campus with over 60 students being trained for urban ministry!

When Jean and I arrived in chapel, the atmosphere was charged with zeal and joy! Preaching was easy due to the hunger of the students’ hearts. After chapel, we spent some time with Chancellor Neau and his wife, sharing God stories and future ministries opportunities like hosting students in Mozambique for an internship. Jean and I both bore witness to the internship, so we began making plans to meet with any prospective students desiring to intern with us.

The next day we returned to preach in chapel again….the Holy Spirit was so thick during worship…many of the students made calls for repentance and gathered in groups praying for one another. After some time, the service transitioned to where I could address something heavy on my heart…the ladies! I knew the Holy Spirit wanted to pour out His love on these amazing women (most of the ladies attending SUM have been so wounded by past hurts/lies which has hindered their growth and identity in Christ). I began sharing part of my testimony to encourage the ladies (cause if I can do it, anyone can). Then in prayer, I made some declarations to tear down the lies/ungodly beliefs, the men started surrounding the ladies and praying for them….glory…God did the rest!

After chapel, we met with 11 students interested in doing an internship with us in Mozambique next summer! Please pray with us about this amazing opportunity. Many of these students struggle in huge ways with their tuition (which is very affordable), so believing God for the $3000 for the airfare to Moz is huge! Also, a few students have never left their home state of California!
So friends, this is huge for them. Please pray with us for the supernatural provision for these students to come…..we want to provide some form of matching scholarship for the struggling students.