Rest, Refreshing, and Revelation!

On Tuesday 11/19 at our monthly base leaders meeting the
word of the Lord came forth. “As you rest I will bring refreshing and
revelation!” The 3 R’s…What I saw in the Spirit was as we rested, as we waited
on the Lord, refreshing rain was washing over us removing all the dirt (stuff)
that was hindering us from receiving revelation and stepping into our destinies
in God. I felt like the Lord was saying it is a season of being not just doing.
It is to be a season of building foundational relationships for 2104 and
We are now entering the “holiday season” Thanksgiving-Christmas-New
Years, a time to celebrate with friends and family. However, we all know how
busy things get during this time of year. In times past we have found ourselves
exhausted and overwhelmed by all the demands that have been placed upon our
time. This year by the grace of God we are determined to find the place of rest
that brings refreshing and revelation. My wife said, “We need to be more like Jesus.
 He did only what He saw the Father
doing.” As a ministry we see many needs, there are many demands, and many
opportunities to demonstrate the love of God! Sometimes the best thing to do is
to respectfully say “no.” Rather than do, do, do we can and should just be,
with HIM!!
When Jesus appointed the twelve they were first called to be with Him!
(Mark 3:14) And then they were sent out to preach the kingdom of God. First and
foremost in our lives must be our time spent in His Presence seeking His Face!
Jesus must be the reason for the season. We must put HIM first in all we do.
Everything we do should flow from our intimacy with HIM! As we behold Jesus we
will become like HIM! Worship HIM! Behold HIM! And become like HIM! Jesus only
did what He saw the Father doing! Contrary to popular belief He did not heal
all the sick or feed all the poor.  At the pool of Bethesda there was a great multitude of sick
people, however Jesus only healed a certain man who had an infirmity for 38
Does this mean we are on holiday? We are slacking? Not doing anything?
Certainly not! There are many divine appointments, ministries, gatherings,
church and home visits, graduations, and even a wedding. By His grace, we have
decided to work smarter not harder. Having been base directors for almost 5
years, we are by the grace of God beginning to figure things out. (Yeah Right?)
As a community of believers (“as laid down lovers”) we have decided to create a
culture of honor. In honoring, in preferring one another, and in serving each
other we will be more effective in advancing of the kingdom of God, because we
will be operating out of rest rather than responsibility.  (The 3 R’s) The Spirit of God is
speaking a word in due season. He who has an ear to hear, let him hear what the
Spirit is saying!
Remember wise men still seek HIM!!
Jean Nicole
Base Director