Remembering 9/11…

It’s hard to believe it has been four years since I sold my house in Granby CT and went to Pinecrest Bible Training Center in upstate N.Y. I quit my job of 17 years at the Food Bag in March of 03, however it wasn’t until September 11th that my house sold. There are times I miss my job, the customers, and the people who worked with me throughout the years. Uncle Kevin, Mary Lou, Harry, Bruce, Ron, and Linda B are just a few of the people whom the Lord used to help shape my life. Often I’m asked where I received my education/ministry training. I tell people, 17 years of working with the public in retail. How did I ever survive? God’s grace is sufficient; his mercies are new every morning and every day.

I can remember sitting in my office in Granby when I heard the news that the World Trade Center had been hit. Awe, shock, disbelief were three of the first emotions I felt. I can’t say that I remember feeling angry at what had happened, but I did feel overwhelmed with sadness and grief for the next week or two. Every time I would read the newspaper or watch TV I would begin to weep and interceded for the families of those who lost loved ones. At times I couldn’t work, I would lock myself in my office at work and weep uncontrollably. I knew my life would never be the same from this day forward. All of our lives were forever changed by the events that happened on 9/11/01. The date 9/11 takes on special meaning for me because it was the day signifying my call to forsake all and go into the world to preach the Gospel of the Kingdom. I had found the pearl of great price. JESUS!