Pray for the Baby House!

Please be praying for our Baby House! Our eldest baby was just diagnosed with Tuberculosis. He was very sick when we received him and he had a very rough first week. We constantly were praying over him, but his fever and cough continued to worsen. We finally tracked down his former doctor (since he was abandoned at the hospital) and learned some of his medical history. In the end, since TB is so highly contagious, we readmitted him to the hospital for 3 weeks of TB treatment. Please be praying for our sweet baby boy and our staff! We cannot release his name online, but Jesus knows him very well, so just pray in the Spirit for him!!! He hates the hospital understandably and has quite a hard time when we leave after our visits. The hospitals in SA are quite nice compared to Mozambique and he is very blessed to have several nurses who adore him. Since we had our sweet little guy for 10 days of coughing, vomiting, etc; most of our missionary staff needs to be tested for TB. Please be praying for supernatural healing and protection. Tomorrow, four of us are going to be tested together, so we are calling it our Healing TB party:) Never a dull moment, yeah?