A Key for Christmas…

Peace and Joy from South Africa!

“Tis the season to be BUSY….Fa,la,la,la,la,la!” Once again we face an amazing, but hectic holiday season. Already full schedules have to make room for parties, Christmas outreaches, shopping/gift giving, and huge needs from every direction. Anyone else feel overwhelmed or stressed?

We believe Jesus has given us the key to thriving (not just surviving) the Christmas chaos! After studying the gospels, we find Jesus was never stressed out or frazzled ….he did get tired, but he was never burned-out by the swarming, needy, and demanding crowds. What was His secret? Jesus only did what He saw the Father doing (John 5:19-20)! He didn’t care about doing everything expected or pleasing everyone around Him….He cared about pleasing and obeying the ONE He lived for!

We shared this truth with our leadership team recently and we were super blessed by the amazing strategies God revealed. This year we are committed to doing only what we see the Father doing…Allow us to share one special vision we have about this Christmas…

We will be welcoming another little princess into our home. No, we are not announcing a pregnancy…this little princess came to MCV in 2012 from the local hospital- neglected, abused, malnourished, and very sick from HIV. When praying about this Christmas, we kept seeing her face. We thought it was kinda odd…she is very content with her MCV family. But when we heard her housemother would be leaving to visit family for an extended time, we knew P was to come home with us. We are crazy excited to see what God has in store for her and us during this next season.

Friends, what do you see the Father doing this Christmas? Extravagantly loving a rude neighbor? Going the extra mile for a wayward family member? Throwing a party for those who could never repay you? However He leads you- we are praying this holiday season would be so full of HIM that heaven invades earth! May His abundance flow in every way. Remember wise men still seek HIM! By offering HIM everything, we present Him with eternal gold, frankincense and myrrh!