Pay Pal trouble

On top of everything, we are having major issues with Pay Pal.  Over a month ago, someone tried to hack into our account which cause Pay Pal to restrict the account  to protect it….We were still able to receive money up until a week ago when Pay Pal demanded proof of our US address (since it is a US account)…this is a little challenging for us since we live in Africa:)  

So please forgive us for this not working right now….and we honestly do not have the time and energy to sort it out till Gloria really bounces back!

Many people know have been asking how to help…We simply want everyone to pray!  We do need a miracle financially too since we do not have insurance….!

People can still give thru MIA- PO Box 970, Killen AL 35645 (remember to make ck’s to MIA with note in byline- Jean and Teisa

We are so grateful for your prayers, love and support!!!  God is great and His Glory is shinning brightly over us!!!