Pastors Advance 2011

At the beginning of every year, our ministry (Iris Africa/PIH) hosts a three-day seminar for leaders and pastors. Keeping with the vision given to Pastor Surprise Sithole, the first three weeks of each year is spent in fasting/prayer and then is followed by a time of impartation into national leadership. Following this God given strategy, over 100 leaders from South Africa, Zimbabwe, and Mozambique (Swaziland was not in attendance) are launched into the new year with fresh teaching, fire, and anointing for the Kingdom of God! As usual, Jean and I (and a few local leaders) ran around like crazy this week trying to bring things together…WOW…was it ever worth it!!!

Pastor Collin McGeer and his ministry team from Pretoria especially blessed us this year. With deep revelations about Kingdom authority and normalcy of supernatural lifestyles, our leaders were empowered and challenged. Healings and visions abounded! One highlight was when one dear lady testified of an angelic visitation. The angel spoke to her preach the Gospels in local schools….she was so overcome by God’s presence, she had to leave the gathering…but when she returned, she saw the angel again hovering over different leaders. Later when she testified about this, the Holy Spirited ushered another wave of eyes being opened in the Spirit!

Gloriously, Saturday night was an absolute Holy Ghost party as everyone received fresh power during the alter time and fire tunnel! The manifest presence of God and the fire of His love overwhelmed almost everyone. We concluded our Pastors Advance Conference on Sunday morning with Pastor Richard from Zimbabwe and experienced another outpouring of God’s love and power. Please pray with us for each pastor and leader to walk in the fullness of the Spirit with signs and wonders following!

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