Papa’s playground

Forgive our silence! 
We have been home in South Africa for a month with tons of testimonies
and breakthroughs!!!  We honestly
feel like we have returned to a playground of our Papa God’s provision.  There has been such a shifting in our
hearts, but also at the White River base. 
There is such unity, peace, joy, and expectation everywhere….and we know
this is only the beginning!
You have put
more joy and rejoicing in my heart than [they know] when their wheat and new
wine have yielded abundantly.

My purpose
is that they may be encouraged in heart and united in love, so that they may
have the full riches of complete understanding, in order that they may know the
mystery of God, namely, Christ. 
Colossians 2:2  


Some testimonies since our last updateJ

1) We had no issues on our flights over (all the stand-bys
got on!)   Johanna was a star
and only had a meltdown upon exiting the plane (cause she wanted to get back onJ).
2) Jean’s parents quickly recovered from the flu….however it
hit us upon landing in SA.  We
spent the first 5 days quarantined to our house, but we bounced back finally
and had a very sweet reunion with our big SA family!
3) The truck repairs were more expensive than we hoped but
we got an email from our Iris NPO covering in SA that they wanted to cover the
repair costs- GLORY!
4) While playing catch up, we hosted the most amazing
visitors and team of Harvest Mission school students.  Everyday was an adventure in fruitfulness and fire.  We saw many salvations and healings
during the home-visits and outreaches. 
Two local witchdoctors got gloriously saved shortly after we arrived
5) The overdue reports for Social Services took us almost 3
weeks to complete, but we were able to finish them and hand them in May 31st.  Jean, Johanna, and I did the happy
dance in the parking lot of Social Development…
6) A month before leaving America, it honestly looked like
we had no missionary support for the summer.  However, within weeks a flood of people asked to prayerfully
come to SA….not just anyone….the real cream of the crop Kingdom lovers and
graduates of Iris Mission school…..and so many we may have a housing issue
soon….but what a glorious problem to have, aye?
7) My pregnancy has been a breeze and we are eagerly
awaiting our precious new “Glory” girlJ  At 34 weeks, I am still full of energy
and sleeping at night (most of the time). 
Pray the grace continues as new missionaries arrive next week and
training can begin.  I am so
grateful for God’s goodness and kindness that will allow a proper baby break
coming up.
There is so much more…like some really awesome testimonies
about MCV which we just posted on the MCV website.  Visit it by clicking on this link:
Please be praying for us as we dive deeper into His heart
and harvest this season!  We
promise to send out another update in a few weeks…maybe even a newsletterJ  We love and bless you!