Off to Africa again!

Our time in America is almost over again! Jean and I are finishing all the things on our “to do” lists and beginning to pack for the next year in Africa. One of the things on my list was to make a Face book page, which I just finished:) So for all you facebookers, please add us to your “friends!”

Please pray for us as we return to Pemba! Jean and I have several projects lined up for us upon returning, but our favorite one will be preparing for Christmas! One of our churches, Valley Brook Community Church, in Granby, CT will be sponsoring our kids this year! More specifically, their kids have raised the money to buy Christmas gifts for our kids- we named it “Kids loving Kids!” We are so excited to get home and begin shopping for our huge family of over 215 kids (188 in our children center and another 25 or so of our leaders’ kids)

So please be praying for us and we will keep you posted on all God is doing in our little part of the vineyard!