Off and Running!

It’s hard to believe we’ve been in America for a month already. We hit the ground running, not missing a beat. We ministered at River of Life and Open Gate churches the first Sunday we were home. The following Tuesday we drove (thru a snowstorm) from MA to Mechanicsburg PA for the annual Voice of the Apostles conference. Oct. 31st we had an ordination service that was led by Heidi Baker, Randy Clark, and several other apostolic leaders in our network. It was a great time to reconnect and fellowship with our friends. Sunday we found ourselves at Christ Life Fellowship in South Hadley MA. We were extremely blessed as we had a powerful visitation from the Holy Spirit. WOW!

We then spent a couple days in northern Vermont visiting my relatives in Newport and St. Johnsbury. On Friday we left for Armonk N.Y. for my good friend Erik’s wedding only to return late Saturday so we could share Sunday at Valley Brook church in Granby CT. The following week we spent catching up with old friends over lunch and dinner. It seems like we had something going on everyday. Friday we finally found time to enjoy a full day of rest. Saturday we drove to Clinton NJ. And on Sunday we ministered at King of Kings Worship Center in Bernardsville NJ. Monday back to MA for more meetings. Tuesday we spent Christmas shopping, wrapping gifts, and catching up on admin before we had a meeting with a prospective team of visitors to our home in Pemba Mozambique.

A 6am flight to Omaha NE, a lunch date with our good friends the Cory’s, and a meeting with a group of extremely hungry youths at 7pm led to a good nights rest at the Jordan’s. I now find myself at the dentists office while Teisa gets her teeth cleaned finally writing an update for ya’ll. We hope and pray our time will be more restful in Omaha as we are planning on returning to Mozambique in just over two weeks. (Dec. 7th) I wish I had more time to write in detail about our journey here in America. Both Teisa and I are so thankful for our friends and family in New England, NJ, and PA. We love you all and we’ll miss you. Thank you all so much for your love, prayers, and support!! May God pour out an abundance of blessings on you and your families!!!