Nice Interruption!

I (Jean) arrived prepared to teach New Testament Values at 8:30am today, however the Holy Spirit had other plans. Normally we sing one song, then we pray for two-three minutes, and then we begin class. Today was totally different. The presence of God was tangible; the atmosphere of heaven had invaded our little classroom in Back Door South Africa. Two hours later class was over and we hadn’t even opened our book or even the Bible!

After one hour of worship and prayer one of the students released two words of knowledge. Then another student shared a vision he had during our time of worship. A third student then released a prophetic word for the class. After this two different students responded to the words of knowledge and received healing! Then we all prayed and prophesied over one another for the next 45 minutes until it was time for the next class to begin. I left class knowing I had an encounter with the living God. Changed by His glorious presence!!