My Pemba trip

My early Christmas gift was a short visit up to Pemba, Mozambique the first week in December. Jean stayed back in South Africa to hold down the fort. Poor guy was the only missionary at our base besides Tryphina who was overseeing the Baby House. Needless to say, he was busy. But we knew my window for flying was closing due to the pregnancy, so it was now or what seems like never (July 2010).
I had the most amazing time in Pemba. It was incredibly refreshing and renewing to be back “home” although God has transitioned our hearts to SA…I was so blessed to be with the Bakers, Pemba missionaries, and old Mozambican friends. It was quite fun to return being 7 months pregnant as many of my Moz friends had been praying for so long (they would often ask me why I did not already have babies since I was so old (30 is very old to not have babies in Africa!)…and after getting married, what was the hold up? ☺)
My highlight was the Mighty Warriors/Firestarters (our old boys dorm). They are 8-9 years old now and doing amazing. We enjoyed a day at the beach together and a special meal at the local restaurant. It was so good to see how they have blossomed and grown…It remains hard letting go and trusting God with their lives, but the visit did wonders for my mother’s heart.
It was also a great blessing to be at the graduation of the Mission School. Two of our beloved team members from South Africa, Frank and Cindy, just completed the school, so it was great being there to pray over them. It was also wonderful to spend time with various graduates who are praying about serving in South Africa. We have some huge needs at our SA base, so it was exciting meeting these amazing people whom might be God’s divine answers to prayer. Please be in prayer for our staffing/missionary needs. We need an overseer for our Baby House ASAP and someone who might be able to help assist in various leadership areas when I have the baby in March. There are other huge areas of staffing needs too, but we will start with those two areas for now. Pray for supernatural provision for these needs and the precious team He is putting together!
Lastly, I can’t forget to also mention the funny thing that happened when I was leaving Pemba. While boarding the LAM plane (national airline of Mozambique) the stewardess asked me how far along I was. I told her 27 weeks, but she did not believe me. She said that I would not be able to fly without a doctors note since I was so big. I tried reasoning with her, but she was dead set against me flying. I called Jean so he could pray. A few minutes later, the captain came out to talk with me. I explained my situation and how I was not a flight risk. He agreed and allowed me to board the plane. The stewardess was still a little mad, but I smoothed things over with her when departing with a hug/prayer. Yeah God!