Miracle in the making…part 2!

Thank you so much for praying for Thapelo! Globally, we know the extended MCV/Iris family is interceding for our little miracle! Locally, we have been so touched by the passionate intercession going forth at local prayer meetings!

Within hours of the request going out, Thapelo stabilized. The doctors put him on oxygen to strengthen blood/lungs and then sent him home! After a good night sleep, Thapelo woke up like nothing happened the day before. He was laughing and playing with the other kids all weekend.

During the ultrasound today, the doctors were surprised and amazed to find Thapelo’s kidneys completely normal size! And there was no blockage in the bile ducts!!! GLORY!!! No surprise here. We know our Heavenly Daddy’s promise and plan is just beginning…

Please keep praying! Thapelo’s liver is still oversized and causing stress on his small body. Pray against some other causes like cirrhosis or Hepatitis. Also pray with us for Thapelo’s new liver friendly diet. He can be quite emotional when we deny him some of his favorite fatty foods. Pray he can embrace and love the diet changes! And pray for his little heart as he says goodbye to one of favorite people….

Jean and I (and the MCV family) want to send out a huge thank you to Catherine Restiu, our medical intern, who leaves us this week to serve in Madagascar. Catherine was scheduled to leave a few days after Thapelo arrived, but the Holy Spirit led her to stay on to help assist in his medical care. I honesty do not know what we would have done without her…Day after day, she was at the hospital (it would have been me without her!) She has been huge a huge blessing to us and especially little Thapelo. Catherine has truly stopped for the one and we are praying God’s best blessings for her.