Merry Christmas!

Blessings and Peace from South Africa!

Can you believe another year has almost passed? This life is racing by…days, weeks, months pass so preciously… Ever ask the question, “When are things going to slow down? ” We have. And we don’t really like the answer. With the holidays upon us once again, things only promise it get crazier! More demands upon already hectic schedules. More high expectations to meet. More people in need…

Things were pretty busy in Bethlehem on that first Christmas. We all know the story. The city was overrun with people- no room for a desperate couple only hours away from the birth of their first child…it is hard to imagine a more stressful situation! And yet there was no stress- just peace. Beautiful, silent and strong faith in God’s promises and plan. In the humblest of places, God gives His greatest gift…

This Christmas, join us in keeping first things first. JESUS! Instead of spinning our wheels, let us sit at His feet and hear His heart for each day. May we receive His divine strategizes and secrets reserved for His friends! May we spend our days gloriously giving away His presence and His presents (eternal life, peace, love, etc!!!)

May you be abundantly blessed this Christmas giving season! We are so thankful for all the ways you have given yourself to us and the Kingdom. Truly, you are a cherished gift from God! Thank you again for standing with us in the amazing harvest of Africa! We love and bless you!