MCV’s first birthday

We are so delighted to announce that on July 25th MCV celebrated its first birthday! It is hard to believe that it has been an entire year! Time as flown by so quickly and we rejoice in this year of seeing so many lives transformed by the love of God. We celebrated together with an outstanding team from America (First Christian Assembly). For the birthday, the FCA team blessed our kids with a beautiful drama and with an amazing South African braai. Also joining us was the Backdoor puppet team who did puppet skits to entertain the kids. The children of MCV blessed all the house parents by praying for them and sharing different testimonies of what the parents meant to them. We also had a testimony time and some of the children shared what MCV meant to them; “We eat great food and everyone takes good care of us,” “I love MCV because we worship and learn more about God,” “Because we play so good together and I have lots of friends here.” Thank you so much for making this incredible ministry possible. Your prayers and support mean the world to our every expanding family. We love and bless you.