MCV dreams come true!

Ever since MCV opened 2 years ago, transport has been a problem. The ministry had an old combi (9 seat van) which we used to transport the kids, but the combi was always breaking down….the thing truly ran on prayer! Around 3 weeks ago, Papa Dube was doing errands and the combi ran out of gas, so he parked it and walked off in pursuit of fuel….minutes later, a horrible accident in which another vehicle lost control and ran strait into the combi and totaled it. The insurance gave MCV the book value for the combi (way more than what it was worth) and we received a rental truck to help get the kids to school. Just a few days after we had to return the rental, MCV was blessed by Flanders Electric (company in America with awesome Christian owners/leaders) with a new Toyota Quantum (15 seat vehicle)! Some amazing Flanders employees’ delivered it Friday to an excited and elated crowd of kids. Everyone jumped inside in awe of this lavish gift from God (via Flanders!)

Yesterday for the first time, Jean drove the MCV kids to school in major style! With big smiles and lots of pride, we are pretty sure the hot topic at school was the new Quantum.

Thank you again to the extended MCV family at Flanders Electric who made this incredible dream come true! As we grow, we look forward to a whole fleet of miracle vehicles just like this one to carry our precious kids into their awesome destinies!