Lots to Report!

Whooee! When did it become mid-February??? Things have been so crazy busy for us- but we are super blessed and have lots to share!

Although this website has been sorely neglected, the two ministry websites we help oversee have had some attention:)
MCV has a new computer lab! Read about it and the two amazing interns which are keeping me (Teisa) very happy and sane!
One of the interns, Kelsey, wrote a testimony about the Pastors Advance which we hosted last week. It also included Pastor Surprise’s latest book launching! Here it is:
This past weekend, “The Pastors Advance 2012” was held in Backdoor. We were blessed to have Pastor Mark Lawson from Atlanta, Georgia as our guest speaker. Pastors and leaders came from the community, throughout South Africa, as well as Zimbabwe, Kenya, Benin, Congo, Swaziland, Mozambique, Canada, United States, and Qatar. It was a time of fellowship, worship, and encouragement. Pastor Mark challenged us as leaders to not compromise, as Solomon did. Pastor Mark also shared about his personal experience with the glory of God and called us all, as the Body of Christ to go out, declaring the message that “Jesus is King and the Kingdom of heaven is at hand!” After the final service with Pastor Mark Lawson in Nelspruit on Sunday, we were honored to attend the book launch party of Pastor Surprise Sithole’s new book, A Voice in the Night. Those who have read and enjoyed Rush Hour will be further blessed to learn much more about Pastor Surprise’s early life and God’s call on his life in A Voice in the Night. All who attended the book launch were encouraged by the testimonies shared about the influence of both the book and Pastor Surprise on those present. Anyone interested in purchasing their own copy of the book can contact Pastor Surprise or his support team (Teisa at