Kingdom Weddings!

Many of you know about the huge wedding we had in Pemba for Heidi and Rolland’s daughter…I have been wanting to write about the wedding for over a month, but never found the time to do it till now☺


One would think the greatest highlight was the bride and groom. Crystalyn was so stunning and Brock’s love for her was such a clear portrait of Christ; and the day was truly theirs and yet, there was such a strong anointing on our true Bridegroom- JESUS! Many were saved as His love was expressed in His favorite paradigm of marriage. Honestly, we are just so thrilled at the reality of His pleasure by the explosion of Kingdom weddings!!! Jean and I dreamed of our wedding being a demonstration of the kingdom of God on earth as it is in heaven—and it was…and is!!! And that is becoming the norm for others too! We are hearing so many testimonies of God bringing people together and joining their lives in supernatural ways that express His heart! We all know weddings can easily cross the unseen line into narcissism and materialistic madness…losing sight on what is truly important-a man and woman becoming one for God’s glory. So it is so exciting to see more and more Kingdom weddings!

Here are Heidi’s reflections on the wedding:

Thank you for remembering us as we stay hidden in our beloved Mozambique. Thank you for supporting all the hungry people Jesus has asked us to feed spiritually and physically. Even though months have gone by without as much communication as I would like, it amazes me how faithful you are to this ministry. You are our family. We so appreciate your prayers, extravagant gifts for the poor, and your love.

Recently, the Lord has been speaking to me from the parable of the Great Banquet in Luke 14. I had the honor of hosting over four thousand guests at the wedding of our daughter Crystalyn Joy to Brock Human. It was a glorious, beautiful day with the sunshine shimmering on the stunning turquoise Indian ocean. Crystalyn and Brock stood under a massive bougainvillea wedding arch. The wedding was set on the beach right across from our Village of Joy. Sixty-four of our Mozambican children comprised our bridal party. They looked fabulously colorful in their blue and yellow kapelanas and African shirts. Shara, Elisha, and Marissa were fabulous sports and joined in the festivities wearing their Mozambican outfits. Rolland walked her down the sandy aisle. An ocean of our African children streamed down from the streets in their bridal procession singing joyfully. Pastor José from Maputo and Pastor José from Pemba helped me officiate our daughter’s wedding. The prime minister of Mozambique, business leaders and the poor all ate together. Hundreds of pastors and Harvest School of Missions students served at the wedding feast, dishing out plates heaped with rice, chicken, and salad with cold Coke to drink. Every one of our four thousand guests received a piece of cake. Many of them to have cake for the first time in their lives. What a delight to watch their smiles as all were fed. Food was served for hours. We had every Harvest student, missionary, and Mozambican cook baking cakes for days on end. We bought all the flour, eggs, and soda in Pemba.

The reception time was filled with Mozambican praise and dancing, as Crystalyn and Brock served their wedding cake. All of us felt to model this wedding feast after Luke 14:13: “When you give a banquet, invite the poor, crippled, lame and blind and they will be blessed.” We printed invitations for everyone. Just like Luke 14:21, “We went out quickly to the streets and alleys of the towns.” I was delighted to find out that we still had room, so we went out to the roads and remote villages, calling them to come so that our church would be filled. God longs for His house to be filled. He is calling His servant lovers to run out and call in the poor to His incredibly beautiful wedding feast. He paid for this banquet with His own Son’s life, so that all of us could eat. It was a delight to see our new church building filled to overflowing with everyone enjoying this great wedding feast.