Keep praying!

Our little warrior baby with TB had to be readmitted to the hospital (again) because of spiking fevers (+39!) and vomiting….We also found out he is HIV+ with extremely low blood counts, so his dear immune system is overwhelmed (keep praying….may it be overwhelmed by the healing power of JESUS). The doctors are trying another TB medicine and a stronger antibiotic (he seems to have some other infection too). The great news is that we have seen great improvements in the past 2 days! He ate almost a whole boiled egg yesterday which was quite encouraging because his appetite was so weak previously. We have him on a high protein diet, but getting him to eat at times is very challenging. He is in good sprits with a laugh and smile which melts our hearts….and yesterday when Carolyn (our mission graduate intern/future director of Iris Madagascar) was leaving his room, he called out “Momma” which has been the first word we have ever heard him speak! We are believing for his quick healing and advancement in all the learning milestones like speech, walking, etc!