Into the fire without being burned…

It started as any other hot and windy day at MCV.  The kids were home from school due to
the school holiday, so we planned some fun water games for the afternoon.  As our visiting team prepared the water
slide and Toddler pool, the cloud of black smoke in the distance seemed to
mushroom bigger and bigger.  We
knew there was a fire down the road but it was a good distance….I called Jean to come back to MCV so we could watch things better (he could drive around).

The winds seemed to pick up and the smoke clouds got bigger
and closer.  From the Prayer Hut-
one could see the wall of fire in the distance….and it was moving our way
quickly!  Local fire crews,
helicopters and planes were doing all they could to stop the seemingly out of
control blaze.  So we gathered
together to pray- our children stretched out their hands towards the fire and
took authority over the fire.  The
kids disbanded back to the water games confidant that God would stop the fire.
Just in case, the adult staff began taking preventative
action- watering down the area in the fires path, reviewing the evacuation plan
in place, etc.  Several of us
watched the flames engulf a hector of trees just half a kilometer way.  The wind was still blowing strong in
our direction and all that stood between MCV and the fire was a small
fire-break and then huge overgrown lot with trees, scrubs, grass.  The smoke was beginning to water our
eyes and the heat was increasing.  I even called our driver Wonder to return to MCV just in case we had to get the kids out quickly.  Much to our dismay, there was another fire on the opposite end of the
property (beyond our fence but still close).  Things were looking bad, bad, bad.  BUT GOD!
Suddenly both fires seemed to stop.  Even with the wind still blowing in our
direction- the fire did not progress! 
We had prayed for a wall of protection earlier and we were now witnessing
it!  The Kingdom of heaven invading
earth once again!  Another miracle
reminding us of Jesus power and love! 
“And we know that in all things God works for the good of
those who love him, who have been called according to His purpose.”  Romans 8:28