How to pray for us….


What to pray?  More, more, more!
More of His Presence in our hearts and home!
More harvest during the Christmas Outreaches!  Feeding Program Kids (250+)  Dec 12th,  Treasure hunting home-visits Dec 19th,  and MCV on Christmas Day!
More of His Angelic Protection! During the holidays, people do crazy things in our area…pray for more divine protection around our home in the township and for MCV!
More of His wisdom, unity, love, and  leadership!  We are seeing some incredible breakthroughs with our long-term team!  May He take us from glory to glory!!!  Pray for new team members in 2015.
More of His divine provision for the Macadamia Tree project!  Trees are doing well.  Pray for the funds for another new well and tractor.
More sons and daughters at MCV!  We launched another forever family this year and we are believing for another house in 2015!  Pray for more kids to come home to the Father and the amazing family at MCV.