How to help…

The battle rages on, but we are greatly encouraged by the daily miracles and improvements in Gloria’s condition…we have also experienced some setbacks too.  Regardless of what takes place in the natural, we have set our hearts on Him and accessing heaven for our baby.  Join us in declaring Isaiah 60/Romans 8:18 over her! Gloria remains on several machines under sedation in her Isolation room, so we cannot stop praying and declaring His promises!

On another note- Pay Pal is now working!  Someone at PayPal received our prayer update after it had been forwarded a few times!!! They took care of the problem without any hassle for us.

MIA has also established a special account to help with Gloria’s medical expenses (see below).  We are so grateful for this and everyone emailing us asking how to help.  Please be led by the Spirit…we do need help.  It has only been 8 days and we have already gone thru our savings and credit card….

To give towards Gloria’s medical expenses:

Missionaries in Action (MIA)
PO Box 970
Killen AL 35645

Make ck out to MIA, but include a note in byline- Gloria
All gifts will be tax-deductible and 100% will be used for Gloria’s medical bills and recovery.

If giving via PayPal- just include a note when giving that it is for Gloria and MIA will make sure it gets transferred to the proper account!

MIA will continue to receive gifts in the usual way for us (where you write Jean/Teisa in byline).  We are grateful for this support as well….but we really need as much support as possible to go towards Gloria’s bills for now.

We love and bless you!  Your emails and FB messages bring us such life and encouragement.  Just keep praying!!!  Our heavenly Father works all things for good…even in the darkest moments of this week; we have seen/felt His love so preciously.  We can’t wait for the testimonies to come.  Below is Jean praying for Gloria in her current Isolation room…Can’t wait to send the picture of Gloria receiving her father’s love at home in Backdoor