Healing Testimonies!!!

While in Redding CA, Teisa and I went on outreach with our friend and web master Zack to a local housing project. Candice (a ministry school student from Bethel) has led this local weekly outreach for the last several months and has established relationship with most of the people. After a yummy meal of chicken salad and chocolate brownies we sat, listened to thier stories, and waited on the Holy Ghost. After about an hour we felt the compassion of Jesus begin to well up within us. We know it is the Fathers desire to heal the sick and to see his kingdom come on earth as it is in heaven. Forgive me for not remembering names. Holy Spirit Help! Anyway there was a lady with a wrist brace on who needed a touch from God. Zack then pulled out his phone that had a video clip of a testimony of a man being healed with the same condition. We prayed Jesus healed! Glory to God!

This was just the beginning. Sitting next to the lady whose wrist got healed was another lady who was desperately in need of a touch from God. She had scoliosis, extreme back pain, a knee brace, and she told us that she had five surgical procedures for an irregular heartbeat that she had from birth. We decided to pray for her back first. After a couple minutes of prayer we asked her what she was feeling. She said heat. I said thats good! We prayed again, the pain left. Glory! We then asked her if we could pray for her heart. Of course she said yes. We asked her to put her hands on her heart as a point of contact. We placed our hands over hers and prayed for a new heart. Within a few minutes we were all rejoicing! Our loving heavenly Father had released his kingdom and given her a new heart. For the first time in her life she had a regular heartbeat. She was very excited to say the least! I then asked if we could pray for her knee, however by that time Jesus had already healed it! Praise the Lord! Jesus paid the price over 2000 years ago.

The first lady who received healing then went and got her friend from one of the apartments and told her that Jesus was healing people. She came out and received a touch from the Father. We ministered the love of the Father to her and saw a complete change in her countenance. She had been suffering from many illnesses and thought it was because she was doing something wrong and was being punished. We told her that was a lie from the devil, and that Jesus loved her just the way she was. The Spirit of Truth came destroyed the lie of the devil and set the captive free!!!