Happy Resurrection!!!

Shalom, shalom from our most beloved South Africa! Forgive our silence!!! We have wanted to get an update out for 2 months now….thank you for the grace which allows the beautiful faces directly before us be the priority!!! We should have a newsletter out soon with lots of news and updates!

We wanted to take a minute and wish everyone a Happy Resurrection Week! Personally, it has been a challenging few weeks. Many of you are in the same boat, aye? So if you are being pressed, discouraged, frustrated, overwhelmed by life in a fallen world- you have a reason to rejoice! Yep- time to get happy! We have the greatest reason to celebrate ever- JESUS! May righteousness, peace and joy of the Holy Spirit invade your heart/life as we remember the lavish love that sent Him to the cross, but better yet- conquered sin/death forever! And this same resurrection love and power lives in us!!! The Kingdom of heaven here on earth in your heart! Glory!

As I write this, Jean is running around furiously preparing for the big conference the ministry hosts every Easter… I am at home with the girls using my phone/internet trying to coordinate some of the logistics…. hundreds of people coming from all over Southern Africa (even a team from America). Honestly, conferences are a crazy amount of work- but always well worth it. Besides the obvious rewards of salvations, healings, refreshing, etc), one of our favorite things is reuniting with pastors and students from the Bible school where Jean teaches. Recently, the ministry received a huge donation that made it possible to build an entire new complex- spacious new classroom, new administrative offices, upgrades to the current kitchen, dorms, bathrooms! We recently worked on a special update features lots of pictures and testimonies of the transformed Harvest Bible College- please email us if you would like to see it (!

As always, we love and bless you! We pray you will be super blessed and refreshed this Resurrection week. May Jesus reveal Himself anew in greater and more glorious ways. May the truth of “He is Risen” be so magnificently apparent that every tribe and tongue will know Him!