Gifts from far away lands…

We were super blessed to celebrate our October birthdays
this weekend! This is always a special time for the big MCV family- fun games,
great food &fellowship, cake, and every kid’s favorite part- presents!  For this reason, our celebration was
especially blessed…
A little gal from New Zealand heard about the children and
ministry of MCV thru our newest team members (Bex and Jonny Gilling).  Ten-year-old Anya wanted to prayerfully
reach out and somehow help MCV. 
With her birthday fast approaching, she contacted friends and family and
requested them to make a donation towards MCV instead of giving her presents
for her birthday! Therefore, the entire party (food and presents) were
sponsored by this beautiful gift from a precious heart thousands of miles away…Thank
you so much dear Anya! 
Speaking of far away New Zealand, it is with great love and
bittersweet joy we say “See you later” to the Marquets- relief missionaries who
blessed the MCV family for the past four months.  They helped oversee the ministry while one of the directors
was on maternity leave.  Their
amazing love and service impacted MCV forever…we look forward to seeing them
again soon in green pasturesJ!

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