Forgive our silence…again!

Blessings dear ones!  Forgive us again for letting months upon months slip by without an update:)  Anyone who knows us, knows we are devoted to the one before us….We feel the physical one before us always trumps things like email, FB, websites (we are trying to get better on these too though:).

God put a very special someone before us on June 8th- our sweet Victoria Hope was born:)  ‘Queen V’ or Queen Victoria has ruled our hearts since- captivating her sisters and parents.  She is truly an angel- so happy and easy going:)  We think she will be our ‘savory’ one (since we already have a sweet and spicy:) lol

So thank you for the grace dear ones:)  We have found our rhythm as a tribe of 5, so you should be hearing more from us now:) xoxoxo