Our dorm room of eleven boys, formerly known as the “Mighty Warriors,” have graduated! Having moved out of the “Pequenos Casa” (Little One’s house or Baby House), our boys moved into heir new room and started the 1st grade! Our hurricanes of energy are now 6-7 years old! They have joined the slightly bigger boys dorm “River of Fire.” In keeping with the dorm theme, we began to pray for a new name for our room. Little did we know, the name would soon be given to us.

One fateful day in August one of our boys, Basilo, was playing in a field near our Prayer Hut. It was a dry windy day and Basilo found an overflowing beetles’ nest. Being the leader that he is, he recruited some of the other boys to help him destroy the nest….but what is better than just destroying it? Burning it!!! Yep, our clever boys set up a reconnaissance team to distract the tias (our Mozambican aunties who are the primary care givers for each room), steal a few matches, and set fire to the nest…or should we say field. Within moments, a huge fire was spreading rapidly over the field and sweeping dangerously close to the Prayer Hut and the wall of the surrounding village. A makeshift firefighting team was spontaneously formed by missionaries, visitors, and Mozambican workers. The fire spread so quickly that the crowd was sure it would jump the wall and start the nearby roofs on fire. Glory! Just as suddenly as it began, miraculously it was out. Thank you Jesus! Our God is the only consuming fire we ever want to see again at our center!

After Basilo confessed and our boys were disciplined, we had a good laugh about our new name. Please pray with us that we will always be “Firestarters” in the spirit! “He makes winds His messengers, flames of fire His servants!” Psalm 104:4

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