Currently it is burning season in South Africa. Almost everywhere one goes rurally, there is a fire somewhere along the way. Most of these fires are set purposely as a means of prevention (fire breaks) to stop run away fires.

The MCV family is always growing and learning. After having 2 small fires on the adjacent property which MCV owns, we sought out some help in being more prepared. Therefore, Jean helped organize a Fire Certification Seminar to train up our team of missionaries, house fathers, guards, gardeners, and some local leaders to form the MCV Fire Brigade! The 3 day training was quite intensive and included burning a few fire breaks. And the training was just in time. The next Saturday following the training, there was a massive fire that was rapidly burning on our large adjacent land. Not exactly the restful Saturday that we had hoped for:) Jean and the crew jumped in (even a visitor) and helped control the fire and back burn to contain the blaze from not touching any neighbors property. After 5 hours of hard work, the fire was out. Our dear visitor suffered a small, but nasty burn on his face. Bless him, he took in stride and bashfully showed off his battle scar of his love and service at MCV.

We are so grateful for your prayers for God’s protection and faithfulness! We indeed welcome the fire of God in the Spirit, but we hope to not see any more fires in the natural!