Spring in Portugal…


Enorme bencanos de Portugal! (Huge Blessings from Portugal!!)

We have not posted much on our blog or sent our updates since arriving in Portugal…we wish we had more to report, but days are whirl of classes and studying and not much more. With only 6 tenses under our belts (which is a lot!), we feel rather overwhelmed by this beautiful language with over 18 tenses to learn. Jean and I are now talking to each other in our Portuenglish…which means we speak as much as we can in Portuguese, but throw in the English words which we still do not know☺ With only 4 more weeks of school left, please pray for our rusty minds to take everything in and our mouths to speak what our hearts and Holy Spirit wants to say!!!

We do have a short report from our friends in Mozambique who just retuned from doing flood relief work…we can’t wait to get back to Pemba!!! Only 7 more weeks till touchdown!!!

“Flood relief in Zimbezia has been quite eventful these past three weeks as we have gotten to be a part of God doing some amazing things in the midst of much suffering. The first week we went to a camp with 693 families and we were able to build relationships with the families throughout the week returning with different supplies specific to their needs. We brought over 200 bags of rice and and 700 hoes and over 700 bags of corn seed for planting so each family received materials! More importantly than their physical needs, they were so spiritually hungry and God met them in their hunger. We preached the Gospel and prayed for the sick and just sat among the people encouraging them and hearing their stories. On the last day we handed out Bibles and there were near riots as people were so hungry for the Word and one old man even yelled, “I do not care about rice, just give me a Bible” in Portuguese.

Last week was equally eventful as we went to two new camps and were able to be a part of the Kingdom of Heaven coming down to earth. Our cameo went back for a second load of rice and crashed but God used this trial for His glory as we were all stuck at the camp until after 10 pm and were able to sing, dance, preach, pray and encourage the camp ABUNDANTLY! At another camp, a woman and her family gave us their ancestral idols to burn and then received Jesus. This woman had not been able to walk or stand for 7 years and after praying for 20+ minutes with our faces in the dirt in the pouring rain, Jesus healed her and she stood up and walked! These are just a few of the stories…”