Enjoying our treasures!

The MCV family just enjoyed another week of school holiday. This is always a special time of extra activities, but God really impressed upon our hearts to very specifically to ENJOY our precious children. The mamas and missionaries took small groups shopping for new summer cloths/shoes. What a joy to watch certain kids radiate such delight and pride when showing off their new clothing choices! We also piled into the new Quantum, Papa Jean’s bakkie and Lisa’s rental (a friend from Flanders Electric) for a day safari at Kruger National Park. The kids saw God’s beauty up close with most of the animal coming within 10 feet of the vehicles. And when a child wanted to see something specific, the kids prayed and asked God to bring the animal to them…and He did! This happened over and over till everything was seen except a leopard or cheetah! The final highlight of the break was the big soccer game at Mbombela Stadium. The houseparents and Pastor Surprise and Tryphina treated the kids to a fun day cheering on Bafanna Bafanna (South Africa’s national soccer team)!

We are so grateful to our Heavenly Father and His hands (many of you!) who make this abounding joy possible.