Easter Conference

Every year the Iris family in South Africa//Swaziland gathers to celebrate Christ’s resurrection at the annual Easter Conference. We were especially excited to have the first service in the newly roofed church in Backdoor. Although the church is still under construction, it did not hold back the people or the presence of God! We have so many testimonies from the three days of meetings, but our favorites relate to the children at MCV☺

In one morning service, the guest speaker was speaking on the Father Heart of God. The speaker asked everyone to raise their hands if they had a father living with them during childhood. Very few hands were raised in the crowd….but then something caught my eye….many tiny hands proudly raised in the section where most of the MCV kids were seated. My heart almost burst with joy and praise. Looking at the faces of children “orphaned” in the eyes of the world, but wondrously adopted in the eyes of God and the MCV houseparents!

Another amazing moment was at an alter call for people to receive a greater revelation of God’s Father Heart. The first person to the alter was one of our MCV daughters. Prior to coming to MCV, this young lady has known unspeakable abuse and horror from a father figure. Still in the healing process, she bravely called out to God. With tears streaming down her face, she refused to leave the alter until He touched her. What an honor to stand with this dear daughter and see God’s transforming love at work!