Doubly blessed!

In the last two weeks, we were doubly blessed to host two amazing teams at MCV. A YWAM team from Swaziland came home with us after the Pastor’s Advance and stayed for over a week. During that time, they blessed us with their hearts to serve however was needed: from clearing out an old garden, to washing windows, to giving the kids some one-on-one computer help, to handling cleanup after our birthday braai. Three of the members of the team were fluent Siswati speakers and two of the others were learning, so our kids had the rare joy of being able to speak their own language to some of our guests. When their ride came to pick them up at the end of their time with us, we had difficulty letting them go. We bless them as they seek out God’s will for the rest of their lives. The second was a large team from a church in South Carolina, who spent a day at MCV doing prayer ministry with all of our staff, as well as our children. Everyone was touched by their openness to the Spirit and the encouraging words that they shared with us. Later in the week, the team spent the day in the local town of Backdoor, visiting and ministering in many different homes. We were further encouraged by the reports of the signs and miracles that the Lord showed them that afternoon! Through their ministry that week and in church on Sunday, the Lord revealed His heart for our area to be a place where God’s fire dwells. Father, let your will be done in Backdoor!**this blog was written by our intern Kelsey who triply blesses us daily!