Day 9 in ICU

Today we heard the word my heart longed for “STABLE!” Yippee!!!! We are still contending for ‘completely healed,’ but we are quite happy to finally make this coveted milestone. Gloria is now on only 30% oxygen…Other miracles include her lungs getting better numbers each time they do this special test…they hope to take her off the ventilator on Wed or Thursday! Tonight/tomorrow they will be weening her off the sedation to she how she copes with things…so please pray for Jean and I too. It is very hard to see her awake struggling against the machines…

Thank you soooo much for everyone standing with us in prayer, love , and support. We have never felt so loved and shielded…please continue to lift up our sweet angel….she must be the most prayed for little gal in all of Nelspruit right now!