Day 4 in ICU

Day 4 in ICU- Gloria’s condition really deteriorated during the night and early morning. Even while on a ventilator, she stopped breathing…which is soooo crazy bad. Doctors were stumped but after an X-ray, they discovered one of her lungs was completed blocked up with mucus and unable to function. Therefore, they ordered a risky operation mid- morning. It was by far the hardest 40 minutes of our lives….Glory to Jesus, she pulled thru. Her lung is working again, but still has some blockage…therefore, she remains unstable and still really needs the supernatural healing break-thru!

Ohhh- I forgot to mention that tests came back- it is a confirmed case of whopping cough (pertussis). Since this is so dangerous/infectious, they have moved her into her own isolation room in the Neo-natal ICU. Mine and Johanna‚Äôs (Teisa) tests are not back yet, but we also need His healing power. Please also pray for our dear ones at MCV…Johanna was playing with all the kids for days before we knew anything, so there is a chance other children have been affected…we really need this attack to stop now in Jesus name! This mama can hardly stand fighting this battle for Gloria….fighting for more precious lives is absolutely not an option!