Day 11 In ICU

Day 11 ICU I (Jean) just talked to the doc early this morning. He is very pleased with how she is doing and hopes to take her off oxygen (ventilator) Thursday AM and downgrade her status to High Care. However x-rays are showing that the right lung still needs to improve. She is now completely off sedation and the ventilator is on auto-pilot. Please continue to pray with us for a supernatural speedy recovery and total healing of her body!

Day 11 in ICU (part 2- Teisa)- We just got home from our evening visit and time of prayer with local pastors/friends/missionaries…His presence was amazing as we joined faith together for Gloria’s complete healing! We took communion together rejoicing in the manifest glory being poured out on us/Gloria thru the body and blood of Jesus. Pastor Surprise and Jean then went into Gloria’s ICU room to anoint her with oil and release more of the kingdom of heaven on earth. We are believing tomorrow will be her last day in ICU- pray with us!!!