Day 10 in ICU

Day 10 ICU- Another good day! They have had to increase the oxygen at times, but they have continued to decrease the pressure of the ventilator to prepare her for being off it soon…maybe tomorrow or Thursday! She was awake a lot today- it is so wonderful to see her precious blue eyes again. Her blood work looked great today, so pray with us that her red/white blood cell counts remain where they need to be! She also had more tests to see if the pneumonia is gone…

If you are local- please join us for a special prayer gathering at her Neo-Natal ICU at Medi-clinic at 7PM. Pastor Surprise is home from traveling, so we are excited to gather the local elders to pray over Gloria. Join us if you can!

We also covet your prayers for the divine provision for all the medical bills…whoooeeee…. they are adding up. We do not have medical insurance:( But we know God is faithful! Our ministry covering in America has set up a special account to help at this time….they hope to do a wire transfer of any support which comes in by Friday. Please feel free to email us for any additional information on this!