Crunch time just got crunchier!!!

Hey friends! Looks like we are flying out on the 8th instead of the 10th:) So Jean and I are trying to tie up all our lose ends during the day and watch/engage in the Florida outpouring on GodTV at night! Last night, we got so touched/blasted, we had to almost carry Jean to the car (we watched the revival at a friend’s house). More Lord!!!!!

Paris was awesome! Our outreach on Saturday was incredible- over 30 youth, mostly migrant Muslims, came and hung out for over 5 hours! Jean and I joined with a French interpreter and we prayed over the youth individually, shared the Gospel, and prophesied as the Spirit led. The first young lady gave her life to the Lord and her sister, who was next, was so overcome by the Holy Spirit, she kept crying and laughing for the next 3 hours! Many other youth received prophetic words that ministered powerfully to them. We wrote all the words down, so the youth leaders could do more counseling/prayer to follow up. We also got to minister to the leadership team and heard testimonies of how God was confirming visions, encouraging, and pouring our fresh oil and love!!!

Jesus is amazing! What an adventure to love and serve Him in this hour of visitation….the hungry always get fed!!! “Blessed are those who are hunger and thirst for righteousness, for they shall be filled!!” Lord, increase our hunger!!! Increase our thirst for the living water and holy wine of the Spirit!