Christmas Preparations

Christmas season is here, and MCV is quickly gearing up for all types of festivities over the next two weeks to celebrate our Savior’s birth!
We have been preparing for our Back Door Christmas Outreach, where we will be handing out 400 bags of goodies to the children in the community. Please pray that our message about the birth of Jesus will pierce the hearts of every man, woman, and child—what good news we have to share! We’ve also prepared baskets for some of the women in the community who work so hard cooking for our feeding program each day—we are so thankful to them for what they do! In addition, we want to thank our visitors for helping us put all the bags and baskets together in short order—they had a great time of it!
Secondly, we are preparing to put on a Christmas party for all our commission pastors from the provinces of South Africa, Swaziland, and Zimbabwe, for their labors in furthering the Gospel message. They are all mighty servants of our Great God, and we look forward to honoring each of them for their Kingdom work!
Last but definitely not least, we are preparing to put together gifts for our own children here at MCV. We plan to give each child a brand new outfit (Thank you Jill and Mercy Happens Ministries), undergarments , a really great toy or gift, a few smaller toys/gifts, and a bag of sweets and Coke for their instant enjoyment on that day. What a joy it is to honor these children as they are all sons and daughters of the Almighty God in heaven!