Christmas 2012

“Glory to God in the highest heaven, and on earth
peace to those on whom his favor rests.”  Luke 2:14
And remember the words of the Lord Jesus when He said, “It
is more blessed to give than to receive.” 
Acts 20:35
We are extremely blessed in our little corner of the world in South Africa…especially at the Childrens’ village-MCV.  Almost daily, there are precious miracles of provision and
supernatural promises (like healing, salvations, etc).  Children may come in orphaned, abused,
broken, but they certainly do not stay that way!  They transform into sons and daughters of the King with amazing
dreams and visions!  Each child’s
journey is different, but some things remain constant.  God’s favor and peace rests at MCV.  And in the journey towards wholeness-
each child comes to the crossroads where they can think of themselves or
love/bless others.
This Christmas giving season started with our kids blessing
their teachers with homemade goodies and appreciation cards.  The fun continued with the
older kids working for hours making 600 candy bags for the Backdoor Community
outreach.  They also put together a
short nativity play to present at the outreach.  Gloria was almost used as the Baby Jesus, but she got fussy so we used a doll.  Our kids were shinning examples of Jesus’ love at the
outreach where over 500+ kids were blessed with the Gospel and a Christmas
treat (the candy bags lovingly made up and prayed for by the kids).  The next day, most of the MCV kids and
staff went on home visits in the townships to deliver Christmas gifts to needy
children.  At each visit, our
staff/kids prayed for the child/family often with signs and wonders
Christmas Day was an amazing day of celebrating the best
present ever- Jesus!!!   And
of course the kids were pretty excited about the other presents tooJ   We enjoyed the morning as a little family- worshiping and opening gifts together.  As a family, we did one home visit to a neighbor bringing gifts for the kids (two children living with their grandmother).  Johanna had a slight melt-down when giving away the gift since she kinda wanted it herself…but in the end- she was happy to give:)  We joined our big African family in the afternoon for more Christmas celebrations.  Visit the mcv website for pictures:
MCV invited the local extended MCV family (former MCV
children now living in the local community) for a big celebration the day after
Christmas.  In addition to the big
feast, the MCV kids helped give gifts and pray for all the children
present.  What a joyous reunion of
hearts and family!
Thank you so much for everyone who prayed and helped make
this holiday so incredible at MCV! 
We are so blessed by your love and generosity…We know we are blessed to
be a blessing!  Pray with us for
the wondrous circle of blessing to always continue!