Christmas 2011

More pictures at www.mcvafrica.comChristmas is such a special time for our big family in Africa. There are few decorations, rare carols, no hyped up commercialism (except in the big stores). People celebrate with their families- usually around a large meal. Some give gifts. Some do not. Personally, we love giving gifts because it is a tangible reminder of the gift our Heavenly Father gave to us on Christmas! Preaching is so easy….who can resist such an amazing gift of love and eternal life? Our highlight this year was seeing our children in action! For hours, the older kids at MCV helped put together 500 candy bags for the outreaches. They also helped with a Nativity skit that they performed at the Backdoor Christmas Outreach. The outreach got a little crazy at the end when hundreds of kids were pushing to receive their candy bag at the gate, but our kids were right there in the thick of it helping us keep order. They also went on home visits to the children in the community within the Extended Care Program. They assisted our volunteers in praying for the sick and leading many people to Christ! On Christmas Day, our big MCV family celebrated together in some special ways. The MCV families each had a breakfast feast as a family before going to church. At church, Papa Jean shared a different Christmas message- the power of Holy Communion in which we all celebrated together. After church, the MCV family gathered again to give thanks, celebrate with gifts, and pray together. Each family would come forward and receive their gifts from Jesus. Then the rest of us would pray for that family for God’s fullest blessings and destiny for the new year. After the prayer, the families would excitedly open their gifts. Christ’s lavish love and joy abounded as our children enjoyed these precious gifts from Him! We are so grateful for All Nations Fellowship in New Orleans and the many individuals/families who helped us with our Christmas Sponsorship Program! Thank you, thank you, thank you! God multiplied the money that came in! We were unable to do new clothing for all the community children, but we were able to give good used clothing (much was given by our MCV kids going through their closets!). Thank you again for standing with us and making this amazing harvest of love possible! Many of you are also wondering what the latest news regarding our precious Warrior Baby. He has been successfully reintegrated with his grandmother whom he has grown to love. Today during a short home visit, W greeted us with much joy and did not cry when we left…he just happily waved and blew kisses. He really seems to be thriving in his new home and family, so our hearts are full. Thank you again to everyone who interceded with us for W- lets keep praying for his amazing little life!