Chosen Ones- a Kingdom approach to education at MCV!

The following blog was written by Dea Walker- an amazing missionary heading up the after-school program at MCV. We wanted to highlight this incredible ministry to raise more prayer support!

At Michaels Children’s Village, we take great joy in following Holy Spirit and being nestled in the arms of our loving Papa God. We are in love with Jesus, our Bridegroom King of Glory. In our work, we have watched Papa God lovingly bring us children to envelop in His Spirit of Adoption. We seek His guidance in every aspect of this time we have with our sons and daughters including their education.

In 2008, I asked God to show me what Kingdom Education looked like. God’s training was immediate. I focused on the Tree of Life and listened carefully to Holy Spirit as He led me in Kingdom Education within the classroom. There was much to learn with many unusual experiences in the midst of that time. I met more challenges but also enjoyed teaching even more than ever. Kingdom Education is the structural plan for the Chosen Ones afterschool and school break program for our children at Michaels Children’s Village.

So, what exactly does Kingdom Education look like at Michaels Children’s Village? Good Question. We are free flowing for the most part in growing this portion of our children’s development. Our children attend a good community school and attend Chosen Ones at our children’s village after school and on school breaks. Each child’s educational plan is based upon that individual child, their giftings, and their strengths with the guidance of Holy Spirit. We ask Papa God for direction for each child. We focus on Kingdom Education that brings in the love of the Father, the compassion of Christ, and the New Covenant commandments of Jesus.

We have a heart to serve the total child. This not only includes educational milestones like literacy and numeracy development but also spiritual, physical, and personal development. If you walked into a normal day, you could find a small group of children soaking or a large group worshiping in song, dance or art. You may walk in and find us all enjoying books or a small group in a guided reading lesson. You may also see a lesson in fractions with fraction blocks or polynomials with algebra tiles. You might encounter a young writing group or a young Kingdom leadership class. You may find volunteers cooking with the children, teaching a child to play guitar, working one on one with a child on their homework or doing crafts. You may even join some of us for a game of Monopoly or putting together a puzzle. God’s plan seems to have us plan the day around the child rather than the child to fit into the program schedule.

Pray with us for this amazing adventure in learning and loving at MCV!!!!