Changing Seasons

WOW! All of creation is groaning….The beauty of the Lord is being revealed through nature. Teisa and I stand in awe of the majesty of our God in creation. Fall in New England, leaves changing, Red Sox in world series, what more could we ask for? More of the glory!!!

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Last night we were at the White Horse Cafe in Hartford VT. I was so excited to bring Teisa to meet one of my spiritual Fathers Wayne Anderson. We were able to spend quality time with Wayne in the afternoon before the evening meeting. Our good friend Dee and the worship team helped usher in the presence of our bridegroom, King Jesus! What a wonderful time of refreshing we had in the presence! Words can’t describe, the atmosphere was heavenly! Thank you Jesus. We love you!

We are very encouraged by what God is doing in New England. On Oct. 7th we were in MA at the Metro West Bridge Christian Fellowship. Hungry hearts were filled with the love of God. We have been directed by the Holy Spirit to keep our message simple and practical. Love the Lord, love his people! What does love look like? We know in Africa it looks like wound care, it looks like food, but in New England what does it look like? Raking leaves for your neighbor, visiting the elderly….love takes on many different facets. I challenged the saints of God to calculated acts of kindness and love. It’s the goodness and kindness of God that leads to repentance. Amen! Revival is here!!!

On Monday we traveled to North Sutton NH with our good fiend Kathy to meet with John Paul Jackson and to minister to his interns. Once again hungry hearts were filled. We are greatly encouraged by what God is doing, we are living in a season of great change. The atmosphere and spiritual climate is changing over New England! No longer will it be known as the land of the frozen chosen, but it will once again become the epicenter of what God is doing in America. Angelic circuit riders are traveling New England and lighting Holy Ghost fires throughout the land. God is raising up an army in New England that will not take no for an answer! The saints of God will possess the land and establish His kingdom on earth as it is in heaven!! New England the time is NOW!

The following weekend on the 14th we ministered at River of Life Fellowship in Windsor CT in the morning, and that evening we ministered to 40-50 youth at the senior center in Granby. On Thursday the 18th we met at Granby High School to minister to a dozen middle school students from Valley Brook Community Church. This past Sunday were had the privilege of ministering to the entire body at Valley Brook. Being a former resident of Granby for almost 7 years, I shared my testimony on how God took me from being a convenience store manager at the Food Bag in Granby to being a missionary in Mozambique Africa. God is faithful. The Holy Spirit touched many hearts and many came forward as a call to missions was given.

Both Teisa and I are really enjoying our season hear in America, especially New England. However, we are very aware of what is happening to our Iris family in Pemba. Unfortunately we probably know only as much as most of you who will read this. Please keep Rolland Baker in prayer as he is in hospital and has lost over 40lbs. The warfare in Pemba is raging, but the kingdom of God is advancing and his saints will be victorious. Jesus is Lord!

We hope to be meeting with Rolland and Heidi Baker at the VOA in Harrisburg PA next Wednesday. We will update you all with any new information as we receive it. Please join us in prayer for our Iris family. Thank you. Blessings on ya!!