Ever sow in an area for years only to be surprised when God dumps blessings upon you? Well, I have over 10 years of serving different ministries in administrative, ‘not so fun, but has to get done’ stuff….So, it is sooooooooo amazing to enter into a season when you have people asking you, “What can I do? How can I serve?”

The last two blogs were written by Myrinda, a precious gal from the US. She has been serving for years in New Orleans, my ole stomping grounds, and seems to be on the very same path of being launched to the nations. What an honor to be a part of the unfolding of destiny! She is starting off in the best place- worshiping in the dirt with the greatest of treasures. We are excited to see what God has in store for Myrinda next!!!

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November Birthday Braai

Last week, we celebrated all the November birthdays, putting on a proper South African braai. For any non-South Africans, a braai is pronounced “brie” with a long “i” sound—what makes a braai unique from any other bbq is that you cook your meat on a grate over an open flame of burning wood–the making of a nice smoked flavor! The braai gave us all a chance to get together—houseparents, children, and staff. The kids were so excited about all the colorful decorations going up, and the balloons were causing quite the stir! Some of the little kids lined up their chairs to pretend they were on a bus, and one of the older kids got in front, using a shoe for the steering wheel–what a sight to see! We also played musical chairs–many of the kids had never played it before. It took a few tries to get the rules down, but they were having a great time of it all the way through 🙂
We ate a delicious meal of grilled sausage, pap (cooked maize meal) with gravy, and bread. When everyone was finished, we handed out the gifts to the joyous birthday recipients (three children, 2 babies of staff, a houseparent, and Papa Jean). We recently learned the birth date of one of our little girls and decided to celebrate it even though it had passed several months ago. We wish all could have seen the way she lit up when her name was called to receive her birthday gift (it was a surprise indeed!). She was given a tiara to wear for the evening, and her smile showed that she felt like a little princess. How precious this moment must have been to our kind and loving Father in heaven.
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Preschool Graduation!

This past Saturday, we had the opportunity to attend the graduation ceremonies of two of our children at MCV. They were graduating from two different preschools at the same time, so we all had to split up so that we could go to both!
At one of the graduations, the children performed in a program of dancing and fun. There was contemporary dancing and some traditional siSwati dancing as well. Dea, our newest full-time missionary, had the honor of being the guest speaker for the event. The kids were pretty tired from all the festivities by the time they went forward to put on their caps and gowns and receive their certificates!
After the program was complete, the entire crowd was served a traditional African meal that the women had been busily cooking up in big pots all during the ceremony.
We at MCV are so proud of our new little graduates. They continue to take steps forward, and we know that God has great plans for each of their lives. We eagerly wait in expectation for what He will do next!
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Merry Christmas message!

As we close out 2010, we are so thankful and amazed by what the Lord has done in us and through us. Teisa and I are so thankful for all of our supporters who have faithfully prayed for us and for those who have financed the work of the Lord in South Africa. We would like to take this opportunity to share what we believe to be a Kingdom principle from 1 Samuel 30.
In verses 24 & 25 David says, “…The share of the man who stayed with the supplies is to be the same as that of him who went to the battle. All will share alike.” David made this a statute and ordinance for Israel from that day to the present. The context of this story talks about the spoils from battle with the Amalakites; how 400 of David’s men went to battle and 200 stayed behind. Some of the men who went with David felt those who stayed behind shouldn’t receive any of the spoils/rewards…
While meditating on this entire chapter, God showed us the amazing truth that those who partner with us by praying/giving share equally in the heavenly rewards for the work here in S.A! By the grace of God we are seeing souls set free and saved, children rescued and redeemed, saints being equipped and empowered, and precious lives forever transformed for the glory of God! Be encouraged and know that your support has eternal significance! Only in heaven will we see what glorious treasure has been lovingly stored up. Every hug. Every prayer. Every dollar. Each impacts eternity when given cheerfully for His glory. We are so privileged to do what we do, and we are grateful for your prayers, even more than any financial gift we could ever receive. May the Lord bless you, and may His peace and grace be multiplied unto you and your families this holiday season!
Christmas Prayer Points:
December is a busy month for us, so please remember us in prayer! We have several Christmas outreaches planned and several local churches requesting help for orphans in their areas. Last year, we blessed over 160 children with presents and the Gospel message. Christmas is truly a time of harvest in Africa. This is why we are so excited to be home with our South African family this Christmas season. We are believing the Lord for another year of supernatural favor and extravagant love being poured out on our Iris family in SA, and on our friends and family back home in the USA!
• More of His Presence! May we keep first things first in the midst of
this busy season!
• More of His Love! May His unfailing love woo many hearts to eternity.
• More of His Discernment! With countless requests, may we obey Holy
Spirit and not give in to false claims or selfish ambitions.
• More of His Boldness and Fear! When faced with the tragic
consequences of sin, may we loving respond to bring people to true
repentance and righteousness.
• More of His Wisdom and Grace! We are facing some critical issues at
MCV and the White River base…and it is easy to get caught up in the
problems/needs/obstacles. Pray we can lovingly say “No” to distractions
and things/ministry we are not called to do. May we do only what we see
the Father doing!
• More of His Angelic Protection! During the holidays, people do crazy
things in our area…pray for more divine protection around us/MCV!
• More of His Houses! Pray for the supernatural provision to build more
houses (and for the saSwati houseparents to come along side the vision).
• More of His Hands! We will be losing all our missionary help soon for a
few months. Pray God sends the reinforcements needed!

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The beat goes on….

We are settling back into the rhythm of life and ministry here in Africa. Johanna is overjoyed to be back with her extended family! We are playing catch up in many areas, but whenever we get overwhelmed, we just take some time to enjoy the new additions at MCV! What a joy to spend time with three newest children, meet the two babies who were born to MCV staff, watch in awe the newest fulltime missionary busy at work (Dea), keep an energetic intern busy (Myrinda from New Orleans), and gratefully appreciate the amazing South African couple who held down the fort for us (Thank you Justin and Jeanie)! Even if the tempo is fast, we are happy to be home. On another note, MCV had some fun events in the past two months, so you can read the testimonies on MCV website, so check them out at http://www.mcvafrica.com

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On the road again…

Just a quick “Hello” and “Good-bye” as we begin our journey back to Africa! We have loved our 2 months in the states visiting churches, family, and friends. We could not possibly say thank you enough for the amazing love poured out on us! What an incredibly magnificent family we have!!!
For anyone who did not see our newest videos highlighting the children’s village, please watch them on YouTube! We have two and both feature different aspects of the ministry, so watch both if you have time!
Jean, Teisa, and Johanna Nicole
Iris Ministries/Missionaries to Southern Africa
New cell: 011-27-7675-36539 (from US) 0767536539 (within SA)
Support Address:
MIA (Missionaries in Action)
PO Box 970
Killen, AL 35645
Please make all checks out to MIA and include some form of notation (Teisa&Jean-SA).
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Coming to America/Happy Half B-day to JJ!

In just 2 weeks, we will be stateside! We are really, really looking forward to having some rest and seeing our families. Most of all, we are longing for time to linger and soak in God’s presences without the pressures of running a ministry base! Woweee!!!
On a sweeter note, our precious Johanna Joy will be 6 months old this week! Happy Half Birthday JJ…she is absolutely delightful and we are so excited for many of you to meet her real soon!!!!
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Westside Community Church

In early August, MCV hosted the Westside Community Church missions team. This amazing group of Canadians blessed us beyond words! Each team member brought such unique gifts and talents, which they lavishly poured out in service wherever they went. They assisted us in everything from administration to making cement blocks for a new church. A few of the team members would even wake up early to “kidnap” the babies before other team members would have the chance! As passionate lovers of God and people, the WCC team greatly impacted the MCV family and the community of Backdoor. MCV send out a huge “SYABONGA” (Thank you) to our WCC family…we love and miss you! Please, please, please stay in touch and come back soon!

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HEM Project

The HEM ministry was recently launched at the Village of Hope in Backdoor. Pioneered by Tryphina Sithole, MCV’s other amazing director, this ministry seeks to empower women to sustain themselves and their families through sewing. By following the example of the woman with the issue of blood in Luke 8, these women know if they can just touch the hem of His garment they will be made whole! Therefore, the ladies begin their sewing day by seeking his presence and studying His word. After the devotional time, the ladies work on various sewing projects that can be sold for a profit to help bless/sustain themselves and their families. Many of the MCV mommas are learning to sew via this amazing ministry…maybe when things slow down they can teach me! Till then, we rejoice that another incredible ministry is going on in our beloved Backdoor!

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FCA in Africa!!!

We hosted the First Christian Assembly youth ministry recently in July. This team of 11 youth and 7 leaders blessed us incredibly. FCA has supported us personally for almost 4 years and it was a tremendous blessing to host the team! From changing diapers to revival services, the team served with amazing love and zeal. We are praying that many other churches will follow in their footsteps (hint, hint☺). We want to say a HUGE thank you to FCA and all our new friends from Ohio. We were especially grateful to the team leaders, Dele and Oneya, for their outstanding leadership and refreshing fellowship. Thanks again!!!

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